Emma Seppälä regularly speaks and consults on the psychology of happiness, well-being and social connection in organizations.

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Did you know that low levels of well-being have been linked to lower employee engagement and loyalty, higher turnover, higher stress and anxiety, compromised health, higher healthcare and turnover costs, and a compromised culture and climate? An unhappy workplace ends up with expenditures up to 46 percent greater. On the other hand, organizations that have higher levels of well-being also incur higher profit as well as employee loyalty and performance.

Organizations she has worked with include:

Client Feedback:

“Many people are changed for the better by being exposed to you and your work.”
– Marita Wesely, Trends Expert, Hallmark Cards

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Compassion in Business

The Unexpected Benefits of Compassion For Business

Managers often mistakenly think that putting pressure on employees will increase performance. However, research shows that a compassionate workplace is better for the bottom line.

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